Saturday, January 1, 2011

Craft Stick Creativity

During the holiday break we talked a lot about the model horse hobby.  It sparked an investigation of all the things you can make with craft sticks, match sticks and metal pop tops.  We will explore some of those topics in weeks to come.  How about a craft stick project on New Years Day to have something fun to do.

Here is the first to get your creativity on line with some of the things you can do with Craft Sticks.  You know the wooden Popsicle stick things.  They come in a variety of sizes from tiny to the big tongue depressor size.

How about a catapult.  This idea from The Science Store On Line  I can see lobbing mini marshmellows with this handy thing.

Or a Craft Stick Kazoo for a musical instrument.

The Craft Club gave us this idea.

The Craft Elf can help you make a trinket box.

a Holiday reindeer ornament.

A What I am Thankful for Holiday Turkey visual.

a photo frame

An intricately engineered architectural wonder...Bridge???

A hot pot trivet thing

or a little red barn

Exercise your imagination and create something wonderful, strange, ordinary, useful and fun.

Send me email with photos of your creations if you want me to highlight them on a future blog.  Have fun creating.

Ms. Renee'

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