Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Community Pride Grants

Hi kids, parents and club leaders.

Kids look around your world.  Do you see some way you can make a difference?  Do you need a little bit of money to purchase tools, or supplies to help that project happen?  Community Pride could be the answer.  Sponsored by the Chevron Corp, Community Pride Grants have helped youth make a difference in their communities with real service projects that they design and carry out.

Community Pride is a great way to get a little bit of seed money to do a community project.  Gardens, pet health, boo boo bunnies for the health department are just a few of the projects that kids in Florida have done with Community Pride Money.

For the Rules and details follow this link and take a look. 

Call Ms. Renee' to get help making your Community Pride Proposal a winning submission. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baker County Fair 2010 Highlights of the Livestock Shows

The fair is over.  Volunteers, Agents and Kids alike are exhausted.  But boy what fun we had.  Hopefully the children learned valuable life skills during the year raising their animal projects.

It's kinda interesting that our 4-H year is just beginning as of 9/1/10  however for the livestock kids the year is ending at the fair with their projects.  The leaders have great ideas for the new project year ahead so stay involved.   (Don't forget there is a livestock contract with attendance requirements for participation in 2011)

Enjoy the highlights movie.  My Beef and Swine movies have gotten hung up as too long.  I will be working on those edits to make smaller bites of movies and posting them in the future.


click here for highlights of the 2010 Baker Co Fair Livestock Shows

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baker County Fair 2010 Poultry Exhibit and Show

Follow this link to see the Baker County Fair 2010 Youth Poultry Show for FFA and 4-H

This year's poultry contest and exhibit at the fair saw interesting birds that had the crowds talking.  More than once I heard a fair goer remark, "Well would you look at that?  Have you ever seen something like that?" or a "chicken like that?"

I love the poultry show.  I remember back in my first few months as a 4-H agent... that's been more years than I'll admit to at this point.  I went to the South East Florida Regional Fair to look at the various shows in an effort to see how to improve our own fair.

While exploring the poultry show I had a moment to pause and as Joe Walter, my former livestock agent would say....have a teaching moment.  However I was the one receiving the teaching.  I still laugh thinking about it.  I saw a bird there.  It was very sad, I thought.  I had to call Mr. Joe and the conversation went something like this.

"Joe, can you believe it....?  This poor kids put his bird in the fair and it looks like something tore it up.  I don't know what happened?  Do you think something got at it at the fair?  I can't believe they would bring it to the fair looking like this?"

The bird had absolutely no feathers on it's neck.  Some animal or something had plucked that think naked.  Or so I thought.

Joe answered me with as much serious chagrin as he could muster although I am sure he busted a gut laughing at me when I hung up the phone.

"Renee', look at the exhibit tag."

"Yeah Joe but you know this things looks bad.  I mean really buzzard bad.  I'm just not sure about it....."

"Renee', Renee'!!! look at the fair tag."

He knows me when I get on a roll.... and..... well.....he managed to get me to read the fair tag.

"What does it say as the breed?"

I read it and it said something like Turken? which I read off to him, barely pausing before again suggesting that maybe we get it medical aid.

"Renee...Renee!!! you know another name for that Turken chicken?"

"No Joe I don't know about all these different breeds of chickens.  Growin up we had banty's, white ones, brown ones and speckled ones but that's it."  He knew I was basically a horse girl learning to be more diverse in my livestock sophistication.

A big sigh came through the phone.  I am sure it was his best defense to keep from rolling on the floor.

"Another name for the Turken is.....

....Naked Necked Chicken."

"Oh...well, ok then."  I rang off with some excuse about the noise of the ferris wheel and I'm sure Joe had to hang his head shaking it about the 'bone headed' thing his 4-H agent just said.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 Baker County Fair Rabbit Show

See Glimpses of the 2010 Baker County Fair Rabbit Show.  The youth of 4-H and FFA organizations prepare their animals for months in advance.  They spend the year learning about Rabbits and how to care for them to prepare to present them at the Fair.  The Rabbit Project for 4-H premiere's this year on line.  Youth can choose between learning about rabbits, pet rabbit, show rabbit and meat rabbit projects.  Members are able to build a project book as they go with this great on line resource.  Check it out and start learning about rabbits today.\projects\rabbits\Intro.html  Contact Ms. Renee at the 4-H office to enroll in your 4-H Rabbit project for the Livestock club and 2011 Baker County Fair.

Take a look at the highlights of this year's rabbit show.Watch highlights of the 2010 Baker County Fair Rabbit Show click here.

4-H Archery Club launches in Baker County

The volunteers are training, the youth are interested.  Summer Archery Day Camp was a great success.  See what our members have to say about 4-H Archery Project.Watch is movie about the Archer Project