Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shooting Sports Opportunities for the New Year

Word from Bill Hill 4-H Agent working with Florida Shooting Sports Programming

Hi Folks:

I would like to ask you to inform your volunteers and 4-H’ers of the up coming Shooting Sports training and matches:

Shooting Sports Training-----------December 11th and 12th ----------- 4-H Camp Timpoochee,  Jennifer Williams at (850) 897-2224
Shooting Sports Training-----------January 8th and 9th ------------Sumter County for information go to http://sumter4H.org
Archery Training Match-------------January 22nd ----------Easton-NewBerry Sports Complex, New Berry (more information to come)
State Muzzle Loading Match ---------February 5th -----------Brevard County (registrations information State 4-H website)
Pre Archery State Match ---------------February 19th --------- Easton-NewBerry Sports Complex, New Berry (more information to come) this match will mirror the state match
State Rifle Match ----------------- March 5th ---------- Levy County (registrations information State 4-H website)
State Archery Match ------------March 12th ---------- Easton-NewBerry Sports Complex, New Berry (registrations information State 4-H website)
State Shotgun Match ----------- March 19th --------- Polk Skeet and Trap Club, Winter Haven, Fl (registrations information State 4-H website)

Take care,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Florida Governor's Inaugural Parade on January 4th

Here is news from Kristin Bird at Coordinator, 4-H Resources & Alumni Affairs, Florida 4-H Foundation

The Governor-Elect of Florida has invited Florida 4-H to participate in this year’s Inaugural Parade! The Inaugural Parade will honor our state’s greatest resource: Floridians. People from across the state, representing each county, will participate in this time-honored tradition beginning at the Governor’s Mansion and concluding just beyond the Old Capitol. This event will be on January 4th. We are seeking 4-H’ers from across the state (and especially Leon, Gadsden, and Jefferson counties), to be a part of Florida’s history. The following three events will be milestones in any young person’s life. To top of the amazing experience, they’ll get to decorate a float and be in a parade!

(Free and Open to Florida's Youth)
The Celebrating Florida’s Future Youth Concert will bring together young people from across the state for an evening of fun and entertainment.
Friends of the Inaugural Candle Light Dinner 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Mission San Luis
2100 West Tennessee Street
(Ticketed Event)

Swearing In Ceremony
11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Old Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
(Free and Open to the Public)
The peaceful transition of power is an inspiring symbol of our state’s greatness. The 2011 Inaugural Committee looks forward to The Swearing In Ceremony of Florida’s 45th Governor.

(Free and Open to the Public)
The Inaugural Parade will honor our state’s greatest resource: Floridians. People from across the state, representing each county, will participate in this time-honored tradition beginning at the Governor’s Mansion and concluding just beyond the Old Capitol.
Governor’s Mansion Open House
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Please contact Florida 4-H Foundation President, Sharon Spratt, at sharon.m.spratt@gmail.com to participate.

Thank you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

County Events Day! Photography

Another one of the fun competitive events at County Events Day! is Photography.

Check out the materials to help you learn more about photography and give you the boost up on capturing that perfect photographic moment.  If you are pursuing photography as an independent project talk with Ms. Renee' for mentoring and project completion recognition.

4-H Photography Project is available at 

 To develop photography skills in composition, light, story line, posing, and awareness.
 To encourage 4-H members to use photography as a meaningful communication tool in their lives.
 To provide photography project showcase opportunity for all 4-H members.
 To continue to share the message of 4-H.
 To utilize photographs this may promote and strengthen the 4-H program.

 People (babies, children, adults, and senior citizens) alone or in a group, active or
inactive. Such photos may be photojournalistic, or an interpretative portrait where
the person rather than the environment is emphasized.

Animal life, including domestic, wild, insects, and underwater creatures. The
animal(s) should be the focus of the photo and not human subjects or
nature/scenic. No harm or injury should be inflicted on the animal in order to
acquire the photo.

Plant/Flora Any photo that focuses on the plant or flower structure and not on a scene or

Scenic Scenes of natural landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes (sunsets, clouds, etc),
buildings that are part of a landscape, or underwater scenes.

Architectural Elements
Photos that emphasize geometric details such as lines, patterns, textures of
inanimate objects.

Still Life Photography where objects are pre-arranged or set up by the photographer. The
composition does not occur naturally.

Hat Tricks and Magic
Special effects by playing tricks with distance and objects and not altering the
picture in a computer.

Photo Story A sequence of pictures, consisting of a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 5
photos, that tells a story, or how to make or do something.

Black and White
True black and white photo using black and white film, or shades of sepia,

4-H Theme 
This theme category encourages submissions of photos emphasizing 4-H people,
events and activities and places that relate to Florida 4-H. Examples include:
 A 4-H volunteer(s) engaged in an activity either alone or working with
youth (individually or groups), active or inactive. The volunteer is the
focus of the photo.
 4-H camp life, including a person, adult or youth, individual or group,
active or inactive or a photo of the natural settings at any of the Florida
4-H camps (Cherry Lake, Timpoochee, Cloverleaf or Ocala).
 4-H youth or adult or judges engaged at county or state fairs. The person
in the environment is emphasized.
 4-H members engaged in project work, community service or a
leadership role.

Photographs cannot be dually entered into another as well as this one (i.e.
people photos cannot be entered into 4-H theme as well as the people category)

So check out the full rules for how photos should be mounted and displayed, rules, scorecards, frequently asked questions etc. are available by following the links below or check in with Ms. Renee'

The Photography Contest Photography Contest Rules can be found at this link.  http://florida4h.org/events/photo_contest/files/PhotoContestRules_New.pdf

Check this link out for Frequently Asked Questions for Photo Contest: http://florida4h.org/events/photo_contest/files/Photo_FAQ.pdf

Photo Judging Rubric: 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Leaders and Leadership

Good Morning 4-H Volunteers.  I don't take time often enough to thank you all for the time, effort and hard work you give to our 4-H program and the youth in your care.  You are the ones out there making a difference in the life's of our youth today.  Because of your influence our youth are gaining the skills to be successful adults.  Here is a thought for the day on Leadership

"The most effective form of leadership is born out of the sincere desire and proven ability to make a positive contribution. Those who lead best are those for whom leadership itself is not the primary aim.
True leadership is not embodied in a position or title. True leadership arises from an exemplary life of making positive, valuable contributions that inspire others to do the same.
The most successful leaders have no interest in telling others what to do. Successful leaders are those who promote and support conditions in which each person can act with effectiveness and experience fulfillment in his or her own special way.
Great leaders are not those who claim to have all the answers or to solve every problem. Great leaders lead by example rather than by proclamation.
To be a leader, be a shining example. Do precisely that which you would lead others to do, and do it spectacularly.
Leadership at its best enlarges upon the sincere and productive efforts of the leader. Make those efforts the best they can be, and they'll result in true, effective leadership."
-- Ralph Marston

Sunday, November 21, 2010

County Events Day! Cake Decorating Contest part 2.

I hope our blog yesterday got you excited and thinking about the Cake Decorating Contest on County Events Day!  April 2nd, 2011.

Guidelines for the Cake Decorating Contest are simple.  Make your cake and decorate it.  No store bought confections here.  I've highlighted some food safety practices below for you to think about. 

We are going to judge the cakes on the "decoration" factor.  Creativity, design, implementation of the design, use of materials things like that.  We are not going to have the judges taste the cakes because, once the winners are awarded we are going to host a CAKE auction.  Each exhibitor will show off their cake for bidders and cakes will be sold to raise money for Camp Cherry Lake Scholarships.  So let your friends and neighbors know that we'll hold the cake auction during our lunch break at noon.  Let's get some folks down here to buy those gorgeous cakes and help our kids get to camp this summer.

Follow food safety tips during preparation of your cake.  Here are some guidelines from edis publication on Prevention of Foodborne illness.

http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fs096  by Keith R. Schneider, RenĂ©e Goodrich Schneider, Michael A. Hubbard, and Sarah Z. Waithe2

Read the publication for yourself but here are a couple of key factors.

Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands! The major cause of foodborne illness in a retail establishment comes from poor personal hygiene, particularly a lack of proper hand washing. Dirty hands can contaminate food. Although hands may look clean, the bacteria that cause illness are too small to be seen. Therefore, whenever you are preparing food and you come in contact with items that are not part of the assembly process,rewash your hands. The same is true even when wearing gloves. THERE IS NO FIVE SECOND RULE WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD SAFETY! Millions of bacteria and other germs can be transferred on contact. Here is a list of times when should you wash your hands:
  • Before handling, preparing, or serving food.
  • Before handling clean utensils or dishware.
  • After using the restroom.
  • After touching your face, cuts, or sores.
  • After smoking/eating/drinking.
  • After handling raw meat, especially poultry.
  • After touching unclean equipment, working surfaces, soiled clothing, soiled wiping cloths, etc.
  • After collecting and/or taking out the garbage.
Your facility may have even stricter requirements with which you must comply to ensure food safety.

What is the Proper Procedure for Hand Washing?

  • Wet your hands with warm water.
  • Apply soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  • Rinse and dry with a single-use paper towel.
  • Use the the paper towel to shut off the water.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

County Events Day! Cake Decorating Contest

ACE of CAKES is one of the most popular T.V. shows on the food channel.  They make some elaborate cakes for special occasions.  I have fond memories of fun cakes I used to create for the kids birthday's year year.  Somehow seems like when the kids are small you go to wild extremes to create the perfect birthday cake for your child's celebration.  I've made a big variety I will tell you.  Oddly enough the hardest one was a Mickey Mouse face.  It seemed a simple creation but I was not prepared for the amount of 'black' icing die needed to make black really black!  Or how black that icing would make the lips and teeth of those little munchkins enjoying the aforementioned birthday cake.  LOL!

This year for a fun creative contest we are going to try out cake decorating.  Yep our own mini version of Ace of Cakes!  There aren't really any rules other than your cake must be baked and decorated by yourself.  Yes Moms, Dads, Grandmas can help.  It's a lot more fun as a family project.  Be imaginative.  I am posting some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  Don't take these as specific patterns!  please!  They are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing and spark some imagination.

Take a look at this simple one.  It is a really an easy idea.

Not that I am endorsing the website but there are some more cool ideas on www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com.

How about this one!  It looks like some kind of cactus plant.  Junior Master Gardeners does this give you any ideas for cakes?

That really is wild isn't it?

This one is a cute fantasy scene.  I think the mice are made of fondant.

I remember one of our volunteers Ms. Debbie made a whole pilgrim scene at Thanksgiving table for the fair a couple of years ago.  It was fantastic.

This next one is just precious.

How can you not find that totally adorable?  

Any Project WINGS kids who love butterflies?

And a super cute puppy cake 

So get your creativity fired up.  There will be a way to register participation in this event when you sign up for county events.  Make your cake, decorate it.  Bring it to County Events.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

County Events Day! Why Should I do a Demonstration?

This is the week for excellent questions.  This question comes to us from a livestock member.

Why Should I do a Demonstration Ms. Renee?

Demonstration is a competitive opportunity, certainly.  Some people like what they view as competition against their peers.  And while this might seem like it is the case in a 4-H competitive event....  I like to think of it as really a competition to present your personal best. You aren't really against anyone in this kind of competition.  You are measured against a standard.  You can get a copy of the "ruberic"  That is the judging form that tells you the total possible points and what the judges are looking for as they score you.  So relax.  It is NOT all about the competition real or imagined.

Demonstration is really about an opportunity to "show and tell" using some visual aids.  People learn faster and remember longer if they see as well as hear.  So in a sense you are teaching something you've learned in your project.  However, the greatest value of demonstrations is to the 4-H members who plan, prepare and present them.  Poise, confidence and self-assurance grow each time a person makes a presentation.

Through demonstrations, 4-H members can:
                  Gain new knowledge about something in which they have an interest
                  Learn to plan and organize their thoughts so they can express themselves more clearly
                  Emphasize the major points of a presentation using visuals or examples
                  Develop good judgement, speech and actions before an audience

I hope that members will learn to love the chance to share their project through demonstrations at County Events Day.  Young adults who have graduated from 4-H and are now out in the world, working and going to college often come back to tell their 4-H agent.  "You know!  Demonstrations and public speaking were the best thing I did in 4-H!"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

County Events Day! How do I pick a topic for a Demonstration or Illustrated Talk?

Another excellent question.  That one comes in from a young man in our Archery Project.

The first thing to remember is that your visual presentation whether an Demonstration or Illustrated talk comes from the project you are enrolled in during this 4-H program year.  And you certainly don't have to decide between whether your visual presentation is a demo or talk.  That is just something for your benefit to help you organize your thoughts.

So first look at your project area.  Let me think of something general enough that everyone can relate.  For an example lets say a member is registered and working through a project on Safety this year.

Take a big piece of paper and make a column on the left.  Write 4-H Project as a header and then below it write safety.  Move over one space and write General Topic area.  Under this write all the things that come to mind that you may have been studying about safety.  For example in this brain storming list you might have:  Fire, Camping, Children, Lawn Mower, Automobile, Poisons, Animals, Helmet, ATV, Bike. The list can go on an on.

  Safety                     Fire
                                 Lawn Mower


So in our example maybe our person is thinking about driving someday and picks Automobile Safety

Move over a column and title it "Specific Areas".  Now brainstorm a list of all the possible Automobile Safety Topics that come to mind.  Remember in Brainstorming you write anything that comes to mind down on the paper.  You might have things like:  Insurance, Alcohol & Drugs, Seat Belts, Changing Tires, Safety Features, Air Bags, Safe Driving Skills and on and one again.

  Safety                      Fire                                     Insurance
                                 Camping                              Alcohol & Drugs
                                 Children                               Seat Belts
                                 Lawn Mower                       Changing Tires

Well our person in this example picked SEAT BELTS

So the last column title "Breakdown of One Area"  Now you might think about Seat Belts and come up with:  Demonstrate with Dummies; Types of injuries they prevent; seat belt laws; kinds of seat belts; how they operate.

  Safety              Fire                          Insurance                    Demonstrate with Dummies
                         Camping                  Alcohol & Drugs         Types of injuries prevented
                         Children                   Seat Belts                   Seat belt laws
                         Lawn Mower           Changing Tires            Kinds of seat belts

Now you have some clear specific things to work into your presentation.  See how that works?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Association of Extension 4-H Agents - Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the national professional development meeting for Extension 4-H Agents.  This year held in Phoenix, Arizona.

I had the chance to teach 4-H embryology with Mr. Chris DeCubellis of Gilchrist County and Mr. Andy Toelle of Duval County.  We previewed the work the team had done for 4-H embryology in a 45 minute workshop.  I also had a fantastic chance to do a program seminar on Baker County 4-H Fall Kick Off.

The sharing of my program areas felt good.  But even better than that were the opportunities to learn from my peers in workshops presented by agents around the country.

One of our evening entertainments was a presentation by a 4-H Clogging club.  I couldn't resist doing a couple of video clips to post for you to see.  Baker county has their very own Cloverleaf Cloggers 4-H club who I hope to spotlight later in the year.  I learned that Lake County has a cloverbud aged group of clogging 4-H members also.

So here you go!  Enjoy!

Phoenix AZ 4-H Cloggershttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ6r4L50gR8

Horse Project Opportunities coming soon.

Become a Skilled Horse Judge at the State 4-H/FFA Horse Judging School
The State 4-H/FFA Horse Judging School will be held at the UF Horse Teaching Unit in Gainesville on Saturday, December 11, beginning at 9:00 AM, and lasting until about 3:00 PM, with an hour break for lunch (on your own). Registration/check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m.  The primary objective of the school is to assist in the preparation of judging teams for the State Contests. There is a $5.00 per person charge (youth and adults) to attend the horse judging school.  You may preregister by returning the registration form available on the web with your check made out to "Florida 4-H Foundation".  The full details, registration form, links to directions, etc. are online here, http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/youth/horse/horseJudgingSchool.shtml.

Area “B” 4-H Horse Show Offers T-Shirt Design Contest
Are you an artist that loves horses?  Then you should enter the 2011 Area B 4-H Horse Show T-Shirt Design Contest.  Enter by December 30th to Renee' Gore at jrgore@ufl.edu  or dropped off at the office.  
Here are the full rules:

Area “B” 4-H T-Shirt

Design Contest   

·     The design must include the words 2011 Area B 4-H Horse Show
·     The design must include the official 4-H logo and may not have any image superimposed on the logo and follow rules for logo usage
·     Designs must be suited for the front OR back of a t-shirt. 
·     Designs must be submitted on white, unlined 8 ½ x 11 paper
·     The design must be in black and white
·     If the design is hand drawn/written it must be in black ink.  The design may be computer generated
·     Only one (1) entry per 4-H member.  Please print your name, county, club, and age on the back of your entry.
·     Winning entry will be used for the t-shirt art work and program cover for the 2011 Area B Horseshow. 

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact your 4-H Agent
Entries are due to: Ms. Renee December 20th, 2011
Entries will be judged at the Area B Advisory Meeting on January 5th, 2011
Winner will receive one free Area B T-shirt and an entire year of braggin’ rights.

County Events Day! Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks

Ms. Renee' What is the difference between a demonstration or an illustrated talk?

That is an excellent question by one of our kids in the Horse Project.  Let me see if I can clarify.
They are both in the same category of competition for County Events Day.  And both are pretty similar.  Basically they both come under the broad category of visual presentation.

In a demonstration you are demonstrating how to do something or showing how to make something.
In an Illustrated Talk you are using objects or visuals to tell your story.

Think about it.  Can anyone comment on ideas they have to show the difference between the two? or examples of Illustrated Talks compared to Demonstrations?

Remember!  Either Way!  Both are presented under the broad topic of Visual Presentations.  Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

County Events Day! How to Do A Demonstration

New Mexico 4-H Kids Show How to Do A Demonstration

Take a look at the video above where New Mexico 4-H Kids show how to do a demonstration.  This is a great introduction and helpful information to Demonstrations. If you need help deciding on a topic give Ms. Renee' a call.

Time Allowances
  1. Junior Demonstrations                        3-12 Minutes
  2. Intermediate Demonstrations             3-12 Minutes
  3. Senior Demonstrations                       5-12 Minutes

   Rules:   Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks More Information can be found at
  1. NO LIVING VERTEBRATES OF FIREARMS may be brought to County Events.
  2. Participants must provide all equipment and supplies for their presentations.
  3. Neat, clean green and white or black and white attire is appropriate.
  4. If a member is participating with a similar demonstration or illustrated talk as the previous year the demonstration or illustrated talk must be changed to include more depth and growth in the project area. 
  5. A 4-Her may not enter the same category after they have won first place at state competition at 4-H Congress.
  6. Demonstrations must be  blue ribbon quality in the age division, category, and class (individual or team) to advance to District Events held in May.
  7. First place blue ribbon individual and team demonstrations at District Events will advance to state competition at 4-H Congress.

Monday, November 15, 2010

County Events Day! Public Speaking

4-H Member Shows how to give a speech while telling us what 4-H has given to her

Public Speaking is the competition at county events where members get a chance to tell us what is on their mind.  There aren't any props in Public Speaking like you have in demonstrations but you really get a chance to speak your mind.  Take a look at this young lady as she does a speech.  Do you have something you want to say too?  Public Speaking might be the event for you.

  4-H Public Speaking More Information can be found at
Time Allowances
  1. Junior Public Speaking                       3-7 Minutes
  2. Intermediate Public Speaking             3-7 Minutes
  3. Senior Public Speaking                      5-7 Minutes
  4. Junior Horse Public Speaking            3-7 Minutes
  5. Intermediate Horse Public Speaking  3-7 Minutes
  6. Senior Horse Public Speaking            8-10 Minutes

Friday, November 12, 2010

County Events Day! Share the Fun

Yes we are going to be Sharing the Fun this year at County Events Day, April 2nd, 2011 but did you know there is actually a competition called SHARE THE FUN ?  Yes there is.  You might view it as a talent show but Share the Fun is so much more.  You don't really need to have a typical talent to participate.

I've seen kids play musical spoons, recite poetry, sing, dance, act in skits.  Let your imagination run wild. Take a look a a couple of these interesting Share the Fun presentations that I found.
Sign Language presentation of a Song

Indian River County 4-H Play and Sing

Skit - Click Clack Moo  (Remember in Florida 'STF' Skits must be only 5 youth of the same age division.)

Hula Hoop Dance wins Share the Fun at Congress

Share the Fun Program
  1. Acts may be presented as individual or group (two or up to five)
  2. Group acts must have participants that are all in the same age division (all Junior, all Intermediate, or all Senior)
  3. Acts can be in one of the following classifications:
                                          i.    Instrumental:  musical instruments of all descriptions
                                         ii.    Vocal:  singing numbers
                                        iii.    Dance:  all dance, baton, and acrobatic routines
                                       iv.    Dramatic and Novelty:  skits, stunts, pantomimes, monologues, puppetry, ventriloquism, impersonations, etc.
                                        v.    General:  acts which include two or more of the above classifications
                          G Rated presentations only. 

Share the fun winners progress on to district events in May.

Have you seen a great Share the Fun act that you would like to tell us about?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

County Events Day - 4-H Creed and Pledge Contest

  On County Events day, April 2nd, 2011 there are two things even the newest member can participate in and be successful.  These are designed to give you a chance to show you have learned about the culture of 4-H through the creed and pledge.  Junior aged members memorize the Creed and Cloverbud aged members memorize the pledge.  You are judged on how correctly you recite the words from memory as well as your presentation skills for being able to be heard clearly saying the words while you stand without figeting.  That sounds pretty easy.  Get ready remembering the creed and or pledge below and practice on your family and club friends.  Then on County Events day.  Let your voice be heard.

Creed Contest
  1. This is restricted to junior age members.  Previous first place winners are not eligible to compete again.  
The National 4-H Creed for Members:
I believe in 4-H Club work for the opportunity it will give me to become a useful citizen.

I believe in the training of my HEAD for the power it will give me to think, to plan and to reason.

I believe in the training of my HEART for the nobleness it will give me to become kind, sympathetic and true.

I believe in the training of my HANDS for the ability it will give me to be helpful, useful and skillful.

I believe in the training of my HEALTH for the strength it will give me to enjoy life, to resist disease, and to work efficiently.

I believe in my country, my State, and my community, and in my responsibility for their development.

 4-H Pledge Contest
    1. This is restricted to Cloverbud (age 5-7) members.  They will have the opportunity to say the 4-H flag pledge. 
The National 4-H pledge for Members:I Pledge...
My Head to clearer thinking,  (hand action:  touch fingers to forehead )
My Heart to greater loyalty,   (Place right hand over left chest, heart)
My Hands to larger service, and, (extend arms palms up)
My Health for better living, (drop hands and arms down by sides)
for My Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.  (Keep arms down)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

County Events Day! Baker County Style.

4-H County Events!  4-H County Events?  What is that you ask?

This is a special day in the spring when we celebrate all that we are learning in 4-H.  This year our county events day is Saturday April 2nd, 2011.  We are going to have a blast.  Youth will be able to participate in the general events of the day and then after lunch we will have the Baker 4-H Olympics with hulla hoops and the leaning tower of cheeza.  

If you have participated in the morning events you can stay and have fun with the afternoon games.  At the end of the day the club earning the greatest number of points from members participating will win the COUNTY EVENTS DAY BANNER.  You can keep the banner for an entire year to show off at club meetings with full braggin' rights for your accomplishments.  More to come on this in the next few weeks.

At County Events members can compete in a variety of ways to show what they have learned during their year on specific projects as well has having a ton of fun.  A special thank you to Gilchrist County 4-H Agent Chris DeCubellis for some of these ideas for fun.

Here is a run down of opportunities.  Over the next few weeks we will blog about the various competitions, what each of these is and how you can get the most out of participating on County Events Day!!!


Public Speaking

Poster Contest

Photography Contest

4-H Creed Contest

4-H Pledge Contest

Fashion Revue (Construction and Selection)

Cake Baking Contest

Share the Fun

Start making plans with your club today for how you can join in the fun at County Events Day!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Jacksonville Fair Community Grant Booths

Jacksonville Fair gives community programs a chance to enter a booth in competition at the fair.  I use it as a way to let people know more about Baker County 4-H Program.

In 2007 I created a booth with a pirate theme.  Discovering your treasure through Baker County 4-H.  That was quite handy as our theme for summer camp was a pirate one.  After the fair I decorated the bulletin board.

 This bulletin board piece was the center of the fair booth recycled with the pirate Map.  The gold "coins" were project areas.  We sported several fierce looking cut out pirates and kids on a pirate ship sailing away with 4-H.

 2008  The Fair Booth took on a more serious tone with pictures of our kids participating in Baker County 
4-H sponsored activities in 17 X 20 photographic grandeur.  The theme was something about the fair and a ticket to fun.  I played on that and made 4-H Your Ticket to FUN.  These pictures are now hanging in our 4-H office and remind me of the great opportunities for youth in our program.

2009 We had a Cows and Wows theme for the fair and I made it a puzzle.  That 4-H helped you put the pieces together for life skills, citizenship and leadership.  The center piece was a gator orange and blue puzzled piece cow.  Again we had great photos of the kids having fun learning in 4-H

Now in 2010.  The Theme is "Holy Cow.  It's Fair Time."  I've tried a few things different.  Join with our woodland nursery rhyme friends in saying Holy Cow!  It's Time for the Fair!  

Travel with me on a walking tour of this year's community fair booth exhibits.  (Click on the link)