Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Share your Talents

Each year 4-H Sponsors the Share the Fun contest as part of the County Events Day activities.  Last year one of our 4-H members surprised and impressed me with his talent as he played the guitar for our Share the Fun.  I didn't know guitar was his hobby.  I had a chance to think 'gee I wish I could play like that' (lol).  He moved on to the District level of the competition.

So, in this new year look for an interest that you can develop.  You might have a hidden talent you didn't realize. Learning new things can bring you a lot of joy in accomplishing something.  But remember learning a skill of any kind takes time and commitment.  I'm sure Brad didn't learn to play the guitar as well as he does in just a couple of weeks.

I later learned that Brad has also taught his brother to play the guitar.  Brad Rigdon is branching out and taking his talent of guitar and teaching to the next level by guitar lessons this year. It is $50 a month for lessons that includes a 30 minute lesson each week.  Call LeAnn Rigdon to set up a schedule by calling 904 - 629-8964.