Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youth Development Institute - Day 2 - Wednesday

This morning it was up bright and shinny for a work out at the conference center gym at 6:40a.m.  Tredmill, and Eliptical.  Whew, health lifestyle choices sometimes involves a little sacrifice.  I wanted to stay cozy in my room but I felt better for having made the effort.

The First Session I attended was "BULLYING, IT'S A PROBLEM"  this session was taught by a team by Youth Development Specialist Kate Fogarty and others from the Army Partnership

It was very very interesting.  We looked at statistics on bullying, and learned ways to identify, increase awareness and decrease incidence of bullying.

Bullying is worst in transition times.  Not only transitions of the day but in over all transitional periods of development.  Kids that are different in appearance, friend / social structure, sexual minority youth... all are at higher risk for being bullied.

Even to the extent that as these bullies grow up they gravitate toward positions of power and authority in their careers.  As adults if someone in your workplace  uses words or threats to take power away from you rather than correcting the problem they might be a bully all grown up.

Sometimes volunteers bully each other or youth.  Children bully each other.  Anything that ends up with the goal to gain power, humiliate and gain dominance are examples of bullying.  These negative interactions decrease productivity, cause stress, insomnia, digestive problems, anxiety.  Remember itis not about is not your problem.

The bully is not usually interested in solving the problem.  Just gaining power.  If you ask them for ideas on how to solve the problem...they won't have any ideas.

Baker County 4-H has a policy of zero tolerance for Bullying Behavior.  If you are being bullied, tell someone in authority...and keep telling until someone listens.  Call me for ways to handle it and an intervention if necessary.

Volunteers, both Counselors and Leaders can expect in-service education on Bullying this year to learn ways to identify and combat these destructive behaviors.

This was a very interesting workshop and well worth the time learning about this crucial youth development subject.

After that workshop I attended the curriculum fair and assembled materials that I will need tomorrow for the Rabbits on Line Workshop I am teaching.

Wow, it's lunch time and where has the morning gone.  This afternoon from 1 until 5 p.m. I am going to go to the workshop on "THE HOW TO'S OF TEAM BUILDING"  I am really looking forward to that!

Ms. Renee'

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