Friday, November 12, 2010

County Events Day! Share the Fun

Yes we are going to be Sharing the Fun this year at County Events Day, April 2nd, 2011 but did you know there is actually a competition called SHARE THE FUN ?  Yes there is.  You might view it as a talent show but Share the Fun is so much more.  You don't really need to have a typical talent to participate.

I've seen kids play musical spoons, recite poetry, sing, dance, act in skits.  Let your imagination run wild. Take a look a a couple of these interesting Share the Fun presentations that I found.
Sign Language presentation of a Song

Indian River County 4-H Play and Sing

Skit - Click Clack Moo  (Remember in Florida 'STF' Skits must be only 5 youth of the same age division.)

Hula Hoop Dance wins Share the Fun at Congress

Share the Fun Program
  1. Acts may be presented as individual or group (two or up to five)
  2. Group acts must have participants that are all in the same age division (all Junior, all Intermediate, or all Senior)
  3. Acts can be in one of the following classifications:
                                          i.    Instrumental:  musical instruments of all descriptions
                                         ii.    Vocal:  singing numbers
                                        iii.    Dance:  all dance, baton, and acrobatic routines
                                       iv.    Dramatic and Novelty:  skits, stunts, pantomimes, monologues, puppetry, ventriloquism, impersonations, etc.
                                        v.    General:  acts which include two or more of the above classifications
                          G Rated presentations only. 

Share the fun winners progress on to district events in May.

Have you seen a great Share the Fun act that you would like to tell us about?