Friday, November 5, 2010

Jacksonville Fair Community Grant Booths

Jacksonville Fair gives community programs a chance to enter a booth in competition at the fair.  I use it as a way to let people know more about Baker County 4-H Program.

In 2007 I created a booth with a pirate theme.  Discovering your treasure through Baker County 4-H.  That was quite handy as our theme for summer camp was a pirate one.  After the fair I decorated the bulletin board.

 This bulletin board piece was the center of the fair booth recycled with the pirate Map.  The gold "coins" were project areas.  We sported several fierce looking cut out pirates and kids on a pirate ship sailing away with 4-H.

 2008  The Fair Booth took on a more serious tone with pictures of our kids participating in Baker County 
4-H sponsored activities in 17 X 20 photographic grandeur.  The theme was something about the fair and a ticket to fun.  I played on that and made 4-H Your Ticket to FUN.  These pictures are now hanging in our 4-H office and remind me of the great opportunities for youth in our program.

2009 We had a Cows and Wows theme for the fair and I made it a puzzle.  That 4-H helped you put the pieces together for life skills, citizenship and leadership.  The center piece was a gator orange and blue puzzled piece cow.  Again we had great photos of the kids having fun learning in 4-H

Now in 2010.  The Theme is "Holy Cow.  It's Fair Time."  I've tried a few things different.  Join with our woodland nursery rhyme friends in saying Holy Cow!  It's Time for the Fair!  

Travel with me on a walking tour of this year's community fair booth exhibits.  (Click on the link)

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Baker 4H said...

The Results are in...Drum Roll Please..... Nassau County is the Winner and 1st Place in the "Granted" Community Booth Exhibits. I did not see ribbons or have placing yet on second and third place.

However, I know that Baker County was not one of the final contenders for those coveted awards.

Better Luck Next Year!!!