Tuesday, November 23, 2010

County Events Day! Photography

Another one of the fun competitive events at County Events Day! is Photography.

Check out the materials to help you learn more about photography and give you the boost up on capturing that perfect photographic moment.  If you are pursuing photography as an independent project talk with Ms. Renee' for mentoring and project completion recognition.

4-H Photography Project is available at 

 To develop photography skills in composition, light, story line, posing, and awareness.
 To encourage 4-H members to use photography as a meaningful communication tool in their lives.
 To provide photography project showcase opportunity for all 4-H members.
 To continue to share the message of 4-H.
 To utilize photographs this may promote and strengthen the 4-H program.

 People (babies, children, adults, and senior citizens) alone or in a group, active or
inactive. Such photos may be photojournalistic, or an interpretative portrait where
the person rather than the environment is emphasized.

Animal life, including domestic, wild, insects, and underwater creatures. The
animal(s) should be the focus of the photo and not human subjects or
nature/scenic. No harm or injury should be inflicted on the animal in order to
acquire the photo.

Plant/Flora Any photo that focuses on the plant or flower structure and not on a scene or

Scenic Scenes of natural landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes (sunsets, clouds, etc),
buildings that are part of a landscape, or underwater scenes.

Architectural Elements
Photos that emphasize geometric details such as lines, patterns, textures of
inanimate objects.

Still Life Photography where objects are pre-arranged or set up by the photographer. The
composition does not occur naturally.

Hat Tricks and Magic
Special effects by playing tricks with distance and objects and not altering the
picture in a computer.

Photo Story A sequence of pictures, consisting of a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 5
photos, that tells a story, or how to make or do something.

Black and White
True black and white photo using black and white film, or shades of sepia,

4-H Theme 
This theme category encourages submissions of photos emphasizing 4-H people,
events and activities and places that relate to Florida 4-H. Examples include:
 A 4-H volunteer(s) engaged in an activity either alone or working with
youth (individually or groups), active or inactive. The volunteer is the
focus of the photo.
 4-H camp life, including a person, adult or youth, individual or group,
active or inactive or a photo of the natural settings at any of the Florida
4-H camps (Cherry Lake, Timpoochee, Cloverleaf or Ocala).
 4-H youth or adult or judges engaged at county or state fairs. The person
in the environment is emphasized.
 4-H members engaged in project work, community service or a
leadership role.

Photographs cannot be dually entered into another as well as this one (i.e.
people photos cannot be entered into 4-H theme as well as the people category)

So check out the full rules for how photos should be mounted and displayed, rules, scorecards, frequently asked questions etc. are available by following the links below or check in with Ms. Renee'

The Photography Contest Photography Contest Rules can be found at this link.  http://florida4h.org/events/photo_contest/files/PhotoContestRules_New.pdf

Check this link out for Frequently Asked Questions for Photo Contest: http://florida4h.org/events/photo_contest/files/Photo_FAQ.pdf

Photo Judging Rubric: 

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