Saturday, November 20, 2010

County Events Day! Cake Decorating Contest

ACE of CAKES is one of the most popular T.V. shows on the food channel.  They make some elaborate cakes for special occasions.  I have fond memories of fun cakes I used to create for the kids birthday's year year.  Somehow seems like when the kids are small you go to wild extremes to create the perfect birthday cake for your child's celebration.  I've made a big variety I will tell you.  Oddly enough the hardest one was a Mickey Mouse face.  It seemed a simple creation but I was not prepared for the amount of 'black' icing die needed to make black really black!  Or how black that icing would make the lips and teeth of those little munchkins enjoying the aforementioned birthday cake.  LOL!

This year for a fun creative contest we are going to try out cake decorating.  Yep our own mini version of Ace of Cakes!  There aren't really any rules other than your cake must be baked and decorated by yourself.  Yes Moms, Dads, Grandmas can help.  It's a lot more fun as a family project.  Be imaginative.  I am posting some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  Don't take these as specific patterns!  please!  They are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing and spark some imagination.

Take a look at this simple one.  It is a really an easy idea.

Not that I am endorsing the website but there are some more cool ideas on

How about this one!  It looks like some kind of cactus plant.  Junior Master Gardeners does this give you any ideas for cakes?

That really is wild isn't it?

This one is a cute fantasy scene.  I think the mice are made of fondant.

I remember one of our volunteers Ms. Debbie made a whole pilgrim scene at Thanksgiving table for the fair a couple of years ago.  It was fantastic.

This next one is just precious.

How can you not find that totally adorable?  

Any Project WINGS kids who love butterflies?

And a super cute puppy cake 

So get your creativity fired up.  There will be a way to register participation in this event when you sign up for county events.  Make your cake, decorate it.  Bring it to County Events.  

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