Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Association of Extension 4-H Agents - Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the national professional development meeting for Extension 4-H Agents.  This year held in Phoenix, Arizona.

I had the chance to teach 4-H embryology with Mr. Chris DeCubellis of Gilchrist County and Mr. Andy Toelle of Duval County.  We previewed the work the team had done for 4-H embryology in a 45 minute workshop.  I also had a fantastic chance to do a program seminar on Baker County 4-H Fall Kick Off.

The sharing of my program areas felt good.  But even better than that were the opportunities to learn from my peers in workshops presented by agents around the country.

One of our evening entertainments was a presentation by a 4-H Clogging club.  I couldn't resist doing a couple of video clips to post for you to see.  Baker county has their very own Cloverleaf Cloggers 4-H club who I hope to spotlight later in the year.  I learned that Lake County has a cloverbud aged group of clogging 4-H members also.

So here you go!  Enjoy!

Phoenix AZ 4-H Cloggers