Tuesday, November 16, 2010

County Events Day! How to Do A Demonstration

New Mexico 4-H Kids Show How to Do A Demonstration

Take a look at the video above where New Mexico 4-H Kids show how to do a demonstration.  This is a great introduction and helpful information to Demonstrations. If you need help deciding on a topic give Ms. Renee' a call.

Time Allowances
  1. Junior Demonstrations                        3-12 Minutes
  2. Intermediate Demonstrations             3-12 Minutes
  3. Senior Demonstrations                       5-12 Minutes

   Rules:   Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks More Information can be found at
  1. NO LIVING VERTEBRATES OF FIREARMS may be brought to County Events.
  2. Participants must provide all equipment and supplies for their presentations.
  3. Neat, clean green and white or black and white attire is appropriate.
  4. If a member is participating with a similar demonstration or illustrated talk as the previous year the demonstration or illustrated talk must be changed to include more depth and growth in the project area. 
  5. A 4-Her may not enter the same category after they have won first place at state competition at 4-H Congress.
  6. Demonstrations must be  blue ribbon quality in the age division, category, and class (individual or team) to advance to District Events held in May.
  7. First place blue ribbon individual and team demonstrations at District Events will advance to state competition at 4-H Congress.

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