Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4-H Makes Science Fun

Bill Heltemes is our RSA - Regional Specialized Agent.  He sends us word of a special opportunity for 4-H members to learn SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) based skills.  Hear what he has to tell us about this opportunity for youth.

"NOVA is a popular PBS program. Beginning January 19th and for the following 3 weeks NOVA is airing a science based program: “Making Stuff” Making Stuff Hot Link that is a perfect fit for 4-H.  An Activity Guide and a volunteer guide – Outreach Toolkit will be provided along with additional resources.

I am working with Pam Shamel from UF based WUFT PBS station and Dr. Kevin Jones chairman of the UF Materials Science Engineering Dept. to offer this program to counties served by WUFT TV. This will initiate what I hope will be a long partnership with WUFT as they are very interested in continuing the support of action oriented science programming.

I invite your participation.  I am looking for volunteers who would like to start a 4-H Science Club. At the beginning the club will focus on the “Making Stuff” curriculum.  Each volunteer will receive the materials needed to do this. In addition I will arrange for the training of these volunteers. Time and location to be determined after locations of the volunteers are known.  If you don’t have a SET based program yet in your county – here is an opportunity to get started. 

The Making Stuff program airs Jan. 19 and 26 and Feb. 2 and 9 at 9:00 PM ET.  It is not necessary to have your volunteers and clubs in place by the time the show airs. The programs will be available on the NOVA and the WUFT websites and accessible as needed.  If the best volunteer training time is during YDI (Youth Development Institute January 25th - 29th) Youth Development Institute - Hot Link we can arrange for that.

Dr. Jones and Pam will also become resources for your volunteers.  Thanks and if you have any questions let me know.
Bill Heltemes
NE Region Specialized 4-H Agent
University of Florida"

Bill is asking for me to recruit leaders interested in working with this project. It sounds really cool.  If you are interested let me know.

Ms. Renee'

I'll go on record as saying "I love science.  I'm a REAL science Geek!"  I just attended the "Human Bodies" Exhibit in Atlanta.  It was AWESOME.  

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