Thursday, December 23, 2010

Model Horse Collecting For All Horse Lovers

When I was growing up every Christmas I asked for a horse.  Of course coming from working class parents I NEVER got one.  Duha!

Through the world of model horse collecting horse lovers can learn more about their favorite animal.

Model Horse Collecting Basics can be found at this web link.  There are several companies that create these collectible "toys" in a variety of sizes.  The most noted are two giants in the industry.  Peter S. Stone, creator of Stone Horses

and Breyer Horses.

Model horses come in any variety of sizes and breeds and colors.  You could spend a happy collecting career just pursuing all your favorite breeds of horse in all your favorite colors and innumerable poses.

It can get quite insane!!!

However, you can take the hobby several steps farther.  You can continue to pursue your interests into the show ring.Model Horse Showing

There is the halter division for all those bare beautiful models in all their infinite breeds and colors and positions.  Or you can purchase/ make tack, equipment, props and begin to build scenes to pose your models in for various "show" classes.  Anything you might see in real life is fair game with very meticulous rules for performance....just like real horse shows.  Shows can be live where you attend and place your model on the tables with others or they can be photo where you send in pictures.  Infinite variety.

Arabian Costume on a Peter Stone Horse.  

Hunter/Jumper division with a Gem Twist mold Breyer Horse

These two horses were customized by the exhibitor and placed in a race horse scene.  She made the tote board with her computer and some matting.  *Julie Pritchard*

Another Scene of Julie's with a custom horse.  They can be very elaborate.  This is a day fox hunting.  Can you believe that the tree leaves are really fix tank greenery plastic plants?

Western Trail Division

Yes, Even Jumping Mules!!! *Julie*

So...Let your imagination run wild with Model Horse Showing and collecting.  There is the benefit of being able to own a stable of champion horses of all disciplines and breeds .... without the exorbitant feed bill.  And hey! no mucking stalls either.

Model Horse Showing can be an awesome experience to learn about horses and horse showing.  And hey isn't just for kids.

If you would like more information about model horses and model horse showing.  Contact Ms. Renee' for how to get involved in this new hobby collectible project.


Anonymous said...

i love the race track scene its so cool i only have 3 traditionals 6classics and 12 stablemater and 0 mini whinnies and i would love to get more

Baker 4H said...

Yes that is a fantastic scene. Mat board for the tote board with racing results.

Some of the trees you see in these scenes are made with fish tank plants and real branches from trees.