Monday, December 27, 2010

Model Horse Collecting - STABLE MATE Size

The smallest of the collectible toy horse family is the Stablemate at only 3 inches tall.

Your entire show string could fit in a shoe box.  These little fellows are hardy and durable but once broken are much harder to repair.  A paperclip and apoxy with a new paint job can fix the larger traditional sized horses.  Now so much with our more petite models.

Of course there is the same infinite variety as the larger cousins.  Here is a lovely warmblood that could be used for jumping or dressage showing.

This fellow is advertised as a sport horse.

Gaited horses are equally popular.  this horse could be used as a Tennessee Walker or National Show Horse.

This running horse pose can be used in any number of ways.  Lets consider two show uses of this pose.  First off any of the speed events or gymkhana divisions.  For example, poles or barrels.  It is important to remember he appears to be running flat out hard.  So the strategy in showing him in those speed events might not be posing him in anything that requires bend like around a pole or barrel.  If he were positioned headed toward a barrel a judge might take away points saying he wouldn't stay tight around the barrel going that fast.

So what to do with this eager fellow?  

"POLE BENDING. Pole bending is a timed event.
(a) Each contestant will begin from a running start, and time shall begin and end as the horse’s nose crosses the line. A clearly visible starting line must be provided. An electric timer or at least two watches shall be used, with the time indicated by the electric timer or the average time of the watches used by official timers to be the official time.
(b) The pole bending pattern is to be run around six poles. Each pole is to be 21 feet (6.4 meters) apart, and the first pole is to be 21 feet (6.4 meters) from the starting line. Poles shall be set on top of the ground, six feet (1.8 meters) in height, with no base more than 14 inches (35 cm) in diameter.
(c) A horse may start either to the right or to the left of the first pole and then run the remainder of the pattern accordingly." Pole Bending Rules

Position him headed for home.  Each display has an explanation card with the entry to tell what the horse is doing.  Write your card up saying something like:  "The horse is racing for the finish line after successfully running the pole pattern in record time." 

The general style is you do not use your horse's name on the card to prevent judge recognition of show horses that have been champions before.

Easy made pole bending props for Stable Mates.  In live (real) horse showing the specifications on poles is as follows:  "Poles shall be shall be set on top of the ground, 6 feet in height, and mounted in bases with a 14 inch diameter.  Poles shall be PVC pipe, and bases shall be rubber or plastic. For added safety, PVC caps are recommended.  Preferred color for poles is natural white, but red, white, and blue rings shall be allowed.  Solid rubber bases are preferred, but hollow plastic bases shall be allowed only if filled completely to emulate a solid base." Pole Bending  Rules.

Take a small piece of bread dough clay and make a disk like base for your pole.  Then take a long fireplace match stick, or a bamboo meat skewer or a very small dowel.  Remember scale on this one.  A pole too big (thick or tall) is going to look out of place.  The fire place match stick is about the right thickness.  Cut it off to the length you want.  Take a look at this real life combination for what 6 foot height should be in relation to your 3 inch model horse.

And there you go.  Pole Bending prop simple and economical.

Tomorrow see what we can do with this little fellow in the jumping division.

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