Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Model Horse Stable Mate Jumper Class

So you think you wish to show the jumper or hunter division with Stablemate sized horses.  There are a couple of models that lend themselves to jumping easily.  Because, of course, they are in a pose jumping and mounted on a clear base.

The warmblood pose can be convincing in a jumping arena as well.

But what shall we do with the example from yesterday.  This little running horse fellow.

For similar reasons as the speed event example yesterday, you would not be successful positioning this guy running toward a jump.  The thought from the judge would be that he will just flat out run through the jump.  However, position him AFTER the jump and you have a whole new story and a pattern for success.

Write up your explanation card something like.  "After clearing all eight fences on the jumper course this horse races for the finish line in record time."  My little jumper of this model is a bay and we named him "Dash for Cash" but you never put the horse's name on the description card.  You don't want the judge to recognize show horses by name.

Tomorrow how to make a stable mate sized jump prop simple and easy on a budget.