Thursday, December 23, 2010

COUNTY EVENTS DAY: Traditional 4-H Attire

                                                       The standard 4-H Attire
Boys:  Black Pants
           White Shirt
            Black or Green Tie
           4-H Lapel Pin or Patch
           Boots or dress Shoes

Girls:  Black skirt or pants
          White Blouse
           Black or green Ribbon tie
           4-H Lapel pin or patch
           Boots or dress shoes

Options are 4-H Jacket or Green Vest with 4-H Patch and Pins.

This is the recommended dress known as "Standard 4-H Attire"  This is expected when representing your club and Baker County as you move on from County events to District Events competition.

It is certainly acceptable at our County Events Day.  However, since we have not had county events for a while we will be gracious lenient this year and accept a more casual form of dress by allowing members to wear their 4-H green polo shirts.

A polo shirt has short sleeves and a collar made from t-shirt fabric.  You can sew on the 4-H patch or have the shirts embroidered over the left chest with the clover.  Some of our livestock members use them showing animals at the fair.

Certainly in the afternoon for the fun and games you can change into your favorite jeans and 4-H t-shirt.

If you have questions about 4-H dress check with Ms. Renee'.  the idea is to look clean and polished to do your best at your speech or demonstration.

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