Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stable Mate Jumping Division

We have been reviewing the hobby of model horse showing this week while we are all on Holiday Break.

Jump poles can easily be made out of fireplace match sticks for the stable mate size and regular dowels for the traditional sized model horse along with recycled bits and pieces.

Take a look at these jumps and see if you get some ideas.  Share with us what you think.  The general rule is bright colors and speed for jumping.  You still have to jump clean without putting a pole down.  

Hunters are slower, with jump colors more natural, white, wooden, greens.  etc.

I tend to like the bolder, bigger, brighter Jumper Courses.  Tell us what you think.  

 Notice the red flag on the right side of the jump.  And the jumps on course have a jump number.  See the number "3"

 Jumper jumps are often very elaborate looking.
 They can also have a logo for their sponsor.

They can be quite different
 Sometimes the name of the show is promoted on a jump like this American Invitational one in Tampa.

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