Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jacksonville Fair Livestock Shows - Baker County Youths Win

I am long overdue in congratulating Baker County Youth for their participation in the Jacksonville Fair.  These young people work long hard hours with their livestock to prepare them for a variety of fairs and beef shows across Florida.  Their wins are well earned.  

Brad Rigdon won Grand Champion Bull and Reserve Champion heifer and he also won Senior showmanship
Derek Rigdon won Grand Champion Heifer and Reserve Champion bull and he placed 3rd in Senior showmanship

Folks you don't have to know anything about cattle to look at this picture of Brad's Grand Champion Bull and say...."that is a mighty fine lookin animal".  But, that is what grand champion animals of all breeds and kinds of animals do to you.  Watch the Champion Dog Shows, Horse Shows, Cattle Shows.  The Grand champion animals are ones that make you sit up and say WOW!.  Derek's Grand Champion Heifer was equally impressive.  So Congrats again to the Rigdon Family.  

Christy Crews earned 2nd in Junior Showmanship. Great Job Christy.  Showmanship is a little different from the animal placement.  It is an equally well deserved and honored achievement.  Showmanship in all species of animal showing is where the youth is judged on how well they present the animal.  There are different styles from species to species on what the participant must do with their animal to properly "show" it.  

During the showmanship classes the youth are evaluated and placed according to their presentation of the animal...handling of the animal according to the particular style of showing the animal to the judge.  The judge also has an opportunity to talk briefly with the youth and ask them questions about their animals to show that the youth has gained knowledge about their animals.  

So once again Great JOB! 

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