Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone

The holiday season is here and everyone is beginning the round of holiday parties and gatherings.

It is a great time to look back at the year and all that you have accomplished in 4-H.  You've learned skills in the course of doing your project.  You have made friends that are there for you and that you enjoy having fun with.  You have friendships with your club leaders and parent helpers.  You have been able to do things on your own.  You have worked with community service projects.  You have planned fun events for your club with your club leaders.

This is also a time to think on all the wonderful things ahead in your future.  What will your next project be?  What can you do to serve your community this year with your club?  How can your leader help you?  How can you help your family and parents with the things you have learned from 4-H?  What are your goals to accomplish this year?

Christmas also gives us a moment to pause and think of all those things we are thankful for.  What do you think of during the holiday season?  Share a few with us today.